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Before tobacco was widely available and marketed on a grand scale, its pleasures were linked to simple rituals: comfortable conversation and spirited discussion among friends; a welcome respite from the cares of everyday life; and the solitary pursuit of reflection and contemplation.

Along with these rituals came other rituals in the use of tobacco itself: the choice of a savory premium blend; the selection and clipping of a fine cigar; the filling and tamping of a carefully aged pipe; the satisfaction of creating a smooth and symmetrical hand-rolled cigarette.

In the interest of honoring and preserving the rituals and the simple pleasures of tobaccos history, UPtown’s Smoke Shop was founded in 1985. UPtown’s Smoke Shop is geared around providing as wide a selection of premium cigars, pipes and tobacco blends as possible, as well as a vast array of cigar and pipe accessories. Yet, first and foremost, the customer is our ultimate consideration. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Since 1985, UPtown’s Smoke Shop has become one of the nation’s leading smoke shops. UPtown’s was Davidoff’s first Appointed Merchant in Tennessee, and the exclusive U.S. purveyor of pipes by such world renowned pipe masters as S. Bang. In 2002, Forbes Magazine named UPtown’s Smoke Shop one of the World’s Top 12 Tobacconists.

2008 brought yet another milestone when we moved into our new store which has been referred to as, one of nicest smoke shops in the world by prominent cigar & pipe personalities. It features spacious lounge areas, free WIFI and outstanding events, not to mention one of the nation’s largest selections of premium cigars, pipes and accessories.

Whether you find us on the internet, call, write, or visit in person, the welcome mat is always out, and the art of relaxed hospitality is still alive at UPtown’s. Add to this our fine selection of offerings, and we think you will appreciate the difference.

We have come a long way in our brief history. Our thanks to all the friends, customers, craftspeople and artisans who have made UPtown’s such a fulfilling endeavor.

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